VIDEO: Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA) testimonial from Chris Hamley

Chris Hamley. TCA helped him get his claims company to do the work he paid for

Chris Hamley was having trouble with a timeshare claims company to whom he had paid a fee, for them to help him relinquish his membership (and expensive annual fees). The claims company were not answering Chris’s emails so he contacted us.

We picked up the phone and got in touch with the claims company on Chris’s behalf.

The company apologised to Chris and immediately got on with his relinquishment. Chris was so pleased with the final result that he left them a positive review on TrustPilot. If you are having trouble with a timeshare or claims company, get in touch with us for free, confidential, expert advice

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Timeshare Consumer Association. Contact us on: T: +44 2036704588 or +44 2035193808 (ask for Daniel), E: (Address to Daniel).

WhatsApp (message only) +447586871055

TCA provides a central resource of consumer information on timeshare matters for the media and other organisations — We work towards encouraging responsible, honest, timeshare operators. We also publicly expose negative consumer practices and organisations which operate in a manner detrimental to timeshare buyers and owners.

An important part of our mission is to lobby UK and European Governments and regulatory bodies for improved consumer protection in the timeshare environment and collect information on frauds and mis-selling, for action by enforcement authorities.

We are staffed by former and current timeshare owners, as well as former timeshare industry staff. We know our way around the timeshare business

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We are a proud member of the UK Small Charities Coalition

First published on MyNewsDesk September 2021



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Timeshare Consumer Association

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