Terrified legal staff targeted by timeshare thugs in revenge for compensation judgements

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6 min readJun 24, 2021
Angry mob. Former timeshare workers retaliate against legal specialists helping victims claim compensation

Terrified legal office workers in Spain targeted by former timeshare personnel

Timeshare companies have been knowingly mis-selling consumers for decades on Spain’s Costa Del Sol. Some specialist legal companies are fighting back, winning compensation awards for illegally sold clients. The resulting financial pressure on timeshare resorts is forcing many into liquidation or to cut down on staffing levels.

With hundreds out of work, laid-off timeshare workers are blaming the legal staff and actively seeking retribution.

Physical confrontations and damage to property have been reported so far, with observers fearing an escalation to violence

Massive compensation awards

Timeshare companies in Spain have been forced to pay hundreds of millions of pounds in compensation to customers they knowingly mis-sold to.

Claims firms fight for the rights of wronged consumers, navigating the complex Spanish legal system and obtaining financial redress for the money illegally taken from them.

“This is money the resorts should never have had in the first place,” explains Daniel Keating, media officer for the Timeshare Consumer Association (TCA). “Getting it back to the customers, along with compensation, is unquestionably the right thing to do.”

Blaming the claims firms

Club La Costa is one timeshare giant who were forced to lay off hundreds of staff.

“CLC have been making money from illegal contracts for many years,” says Daniel. “They knew what they were doing, and that sooner or later they would have to pay the price.

Instead of accepting responsibility for their actions however, the timeshare community is venting frustration over their lost money.

“The redundant CLC workers seem to have taken the position that their misfortune is not due to their bosses’ contempt for the law. Instead many of them are blaming the legal staff defending CLC’s mis-sold customers. There have been escalating incidents of aggression targeting both the workers and their property.”

Sports club attack

A junior office girl at M1 Legal, a firm of timeshare lawyers in Fuengirola, was attacked by a ‘crazed middle aged woman’ during a game of tennis.

Allegedly the woman somehow recognised the office junior (who does not want to be named, for fear of further violence against her and her family) and marched into the middle of her game, accusing her of responsibility for workers losing their jobs and homes.

She was ‘shrieking and physically intimidating’ the girl, who was shaken by the experience. The woman was not fazed by the other tennis players and spectators watching her.

“The other players were part of a club and not close friends of the girl,” Keating reports, “so while several people did try speaking up, the attacker ignored them and appeared to be working herself up to physical violence.”

“The office girl was junior and not responsible for corporate policy,” says Keating. “She described the encounter as ‘terrifying.’ Rather than be assaulted she fled in tears by the other exit. She is still fearful and watching over her shoulder when out in public alone or with her children.”

Vehicle damage

‘John’ is a claims expert at European Consumer Claims (ECC) and has recently had his car bonnet defaced. He and his wife had saved up for the deposit on a 4x4, as they felt it would be safer for their young family.

They picked up their shiny new vehicle on a Friday afternoon, and on Sunday morning proudly drove to a family church service in Fuengirola.

“We collected the kids from Sunday School after church,” recalls John, “and when we came out to the car park we saw the words ‘Wrecker of Club La Costa’ scraped deep into the paintwork, right across the bonnet.

“I mean, it is just property, and can be repaired. My little girls were not hurt or anything, but it really upset them. They were excited about our new car and couldn’t understand why a stranger would do this to Jemima (as the kids had named the vehicle).

“I hate that they have to learn so young what an ugly place the world can be.”

Growing aggression

Sadly incidents like these are in the increase on the Spanish Costas, as angry ex timeshare staff are laid off by companies made to pay compensation for years of illegal behaviour.

“Instead of taking responsibility for their actions, the timeshare companies seem to prefer blaming the legal firms helping their victims,” says Keating. “It’s extreme self delusion and unfair on people who really are doing laudable work.”

Olive branch

Rather than escalate the situation or retaliate, a couple of the targeted claims/legal firms (M1 Legal and European Consumer Claims — ECC) have reached out to the angry former CLC staff, offering help with claiming money owed by their former employers. They even say they can provide limited employment for the right applicants.

“Perhaps this will go some way towards easing tensions,” hopes Daniel. “Clearly the ex timeshare staff are also suffering from the actions of the big bosses, just like the people who were mis-sold to.

“It is magnanimous of the claims firms to reach out with an offer of help like this after being unfairly attacked.

“Hopefully it will be accepted in the spirit intended.”

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