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Angry Emoji. CLC owners feel badly treated

Social media is where people voice their thoughts nowadays. And the feelings currently being expressed about Club La Costa by their members are none too complimentary.

Big changes

Club la Costa (CLC), like all timeshare resorts was once an exclusive club. People paid a lot of money to join (tens of thousands of pounds) and yearly fees that were generally more expensive than regular hotels of the same standard. They paid this money for a holiday system that was less flexible and accommodating than using ordinary booking sites. Why? Because they wanted peace of mind, knowing that when they went on holiday they would be sharing a resort with other people who had a similar mindset. Sadly, the conditions that enticed them to join seem to be eroding, one by one…

Available to non members

The main CLC member groups on Facebook have been buzzing with complaints about the resort being available to the public. Members posts on Facebook make clear how they believe this has affected their ability to book into their own accommodation

Post #1 “Not 100% sure but I thought I seen clc World on Travago.com 😧”

Post #2 “also on Booking.com”

Post #3 “been on both for a very long time”

Post #4 “yes, and very annoying when you can’t get the availability you want but go onto booking.com and you can!”

Post #5 “and the price is cheaper than your annual fees!”

Wyndham takeover

Another bugbear for the alienated owners is the much vaunted ‘partnership’ with Wyndham, precipitating the following conversation between several CLC Facebook group members.

Post #1 “A couple of large groups of very roudy (sic) teenagers staying on site…I’m at Marina del Rey. Feel like I’m on a package holiday…!! So much for a quiet holiday!!”

Post #2 “I agree completely it seems like Wyndham are letting every Tom, Dick Harry use the facilities that we’re paying for.”

Post #4 “That’s the problem when you join a so called private members club, and to squeeze more money they sellout to god knows who for more cash…”

Post #5 “That’s the result of Wyndham taking over allowing anybody to book at the resorts now. It’s NOT exclusive to members anymore.”

Post #6 “You’re so right,”

Post #7 “I know. I had a heated discussion with central reservations about them not looking after their members. But, they are trying to create ‘members’ lounges in resorts. What a joke!”

Post #8 “yes especially when non members are getting in them”

Noise and lack of respect

Members seem agreed that the atmosphere at the club has changed dramatically from the safe, family oriented haven they paid so much to be a part of, as the below Facebook group exchange makes clear:

Post #1 “There’s a girls football team here as well, a couple of nights ago they were really noisy no idea what they were up to but they were using a megaphone, and this was after 10pm”

Post #2 “-agree- we are cancelling a large part of our membership — had some great holidays — but it’s not the place it was & time to leave”

Post #3 “Surely they (sic) company is in breach of contract???”

Post #4 “It’s exactly the same at CLC Regal Oaks. People around the pool with personal speakers blasting music. No pool towels available either due to shortages!! It certainly doesn’t have that exclusive feel anymore 😔”

Post #5 “Sitting here trying to keep my temper in control. We’re at Marina Del Rey at the minute. Arrived on Saturday to discover that there were 3 junior girls football teams from Madrid staying throughout the resort. Supervision of them was less than useless. I’m here with my grandkids and they asked to move from the Marina Park pool up to the top Marina del rey pool because they were scared of the antics of these people. Joy, they left. Today (Wednesday) another football group arrives. This time Portuguese boys and their entourage. Well by God they’re worse. Football in the streets. Security during the day at the street corner. I’ve emailed CLC about this. Raging!!!!!!!!🤬🤬”

Post #6 “I wouldn’t be happy either, one of the things that attracted me being a member was the standard of the hotels, that’s the kind of thing I would expect for a non family hotel 🤬”

Post #7 “Unfortunately it is no longer CLC as we know it. I always knew this was going to happen, but was shot down by people who love CLC, which I do or did. This unacceptable and feel CLC has sold out to an American company who do not share our values. I will at the AGM in October.”

Post #8 “- sounds like CLC knew what was going to happen & didn’t care — sorry to say this but we have been sold down the river — I for one will be drawing a line under it — taking a hit on the amount of money CLC have taken off me over the years & walking away”

Post #9 “CLC private members resorts and clubs. They bailed out as soon as they could. Total misrepresentation of what we were sold”

Post #10 “yes but too late now. It’s all about the money and not about the members any more. The premier resorts are now looking shabby and will need updating soon.

What can timeshare owners do when they feel the resort is not living up to their end of the bargain?

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